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At Solentro we are committed to providing an outstanding product that can be benchmarked against any panel in the world. We have taken extensive steps to ensure the quality and reliability of our panels. It’s just one of the ways we build industry-leading quality into our products.

At Solentro we are investing at record levels in manufacturing and production improvement projects at our facilities. Solentro’s recent addition of advanced robotics, state-of-the-art cast-on-strap (COS) technology, automated acid fill stations, heat seal and testing equipment ensure the overall quality of our batteries.

Cast On Strap

Solentro’s automated cast-on-strap equipment uses cutting-edge COS technology to enhance product quality. Aligning the battery plates with lugs ensures a series circuit between the lead plates for optimum performance.

Heat Seal

Solentro’s automated heat-seal equipment reinforces structural integrity by welding together the battery lid to the base container creating a strong bond that is impervious to separation. It’s just one of the many ways we build quality into our products.

Advanced Robotics

Advanced robotics are used throughout Solentro’s manufacturing plant to ensure a high level of product consistency and quality. Advanced robotics streamline our battery production and improve manufacturing lead time.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing examines the integrity of the batteries on the production line ensuring they are sealed properly. This is one in a series of quality assurance checks embedded throughout our manufacturing process.