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How to be 
Solentro Distributor

Solentro Solar recruits distributors from all over the world. If you intend to be a distributor for Solentro Solar, please read the application form below carefully and then start the application process.

Application Process

  • Fill in the application sheet
  • Solentro Solar assesses applicant's information
  • Confirm distributor terms and conditions with applicants
  • Sign the Distribution Agreement
  • Grant the Distribution Authorization

Benefits for 

  • Sharing our catalogues, brochures and other sales promotion documents free of charge
  • Enjoying our brand in when building your Internet, and linking with our websites
  • Sharing the international marketing network and support by Solentro Solar in international exhibitions
  • Training about Solentro Solar’s products and techniques periodically
  • Receiving a prompt reply within 48 hours for various problems
  • Attending our annual, worldwide distributors meeting, discussing any issues and concerns directly and resolving them forthwith
  • Obtaining a competitive purchase price and receiving good and extended profits
  • Acquiring a large discount every season, as well as a final discount after fulfilment of minimum task every year
  • Enjoying a wider beneficial distribution policy in the next year, in the case of an upgrade after the yearly evaluation which is based on a review of the previous performance
  • Getting a credit line according to its credit rating
  • Obtaining the potential customer's information of its local market
  • Developing fair competition which is offered within a uniform price in its territory and provision of other distributors' names within the territory by Solentro Solar.