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Solentro Group is a manufacturer of highquality solar modules. Moreover, we provide optimal services and solutions for construction of small solar power plants as well as complete, turnkey solar parks.

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Solar Batteries

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are dependable sources of electricity in areas or applications where power might otherwise be unavailable. These systems are especially suitable in remote locales where utility power is unavailable, where weather conditions limit access, and where skilled labor for maintenance is in short demand.

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Solar Panels

Solentro uses only best-in-class equipment from top-rated home solar panels manufacturers. We have done the homework for you and have selected solar panels for home that offer a combination of high performance and high quality. Solentro engineers will recommend the optimal home solar panels, taking into account your local weather, roof space, architectural, aesthetic and energy-production needs.

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Complete Solar System Kits

Take advantage of your roof space with our grid and off- grid connected solar power system and supply your household with electricity. Our range of PV system kits include the required panels, inverters and mounting framework that you need to get set up with solar.

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Solentro Group has a large product range of modules from 40 watts to 300 watts. All of our solar modules are constantly tested and measured during their manufacture. Therefore we can provide our customers with first-class quality. Our solar modules are internationally recognised and certified.

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